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Lincoln Shedding Blade

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Lincoln Shedding Blade can be used to remove excess water from the horse's coat, or to remove winter coats at the end of the season. 

It can be held in both hands on the plastic covered handles and the serrated edge of the blade drawn down over any soft parts of the horse . This enables any loose hair and grease to be removed very quickly and easily. Alternatively, it's possible to use the blade with one hand, when the two ends are secured via the metal loop. 

The reverse of the blade is flat and ideal for use as a flexible sweat scraper. Please note this tool is best used on soft areas of the horse, not boney bits! 

> Invaluable piece of grooming kit when horses are moulting 
> Quickly and easily removes loose hair and grease in minutes 
> Serrated edge of blade can be used as a shedding tool 
> Flat edge of blade can be used as a flexible sweat scraper 
> Can be used with one or two hands